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Where it all began...

After several years of dabbling with pure essential oils at home, we toyed with the idea of selling pure essential oils online, but with little knowledge of the world-wide-web it remained a pipe dream until January 2003, when we finally took the plunge. If I remember the conversation right we said


"if we don't do it this year, we will never do it".

For those of you who are to young to remember 2003, it was the year Apple launched iTunes, Concorde completed its final flight, the Challenger Space Shuttle disintegrated during launch and Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United for the first time.... and as for facebook.... no one had heard of it! Yep... we're that old !

Timing was not great as we had recently moved into a new house, we were travelling a lot for work, our son was just 3 months old and I had just embarked on a MSc!

After much debate, we settled on the name 'Oils4life', as we felt it portrayed the benefits of pure essential oils well. The Company was incorporated in January 2003.

Production was run from my old bedroom!

Quality Control at Oils 4 Life

Growth & Expansion

We launched the original e-commerce site in 2003 with just 30 pure essential oils, 6 carrier oils and a few household fragrances.

Today we stock more than 500 pure essential oils, pure organic oils, fragrances, aromatherapy synergies, blended massage oils, floral waters, as well as broad range of natural and organic cosmetic bases including creams, lotions, gels, bath and shower bases. 

With continuous growth, came the need for expansion, so after initially moving from the bedroom to the garage, we took on our first commercial rental in 2008. Since then we have moved 4 times !


We moved into our current premise in August 2020, after extensive refurbishment of both the building, offices and warehouse, investing in and installing a range of contract filling lines.


When we moved into our current premise we both said "never again".... but based on current growth, I'm not sure how long we will be here!

Our Goal

From day one, our goal has been to:

"supply high quality products at great prices"


We continue to work tirelessly to deliver our goal, building strong relationships with producers of pure essential oils. 

We are passionate about what we do and we know our customers appreciate this level of commitment, as they keep coming back for more !

We appreciate that without our customers Oils4life would not be where it is today. We would like to thank our customers for sticking by us through the years.


We promise to continue to provide high quality pure essential oils and skin care products for many years to come.

Thank you from both of us.

Dale & Rachael


and the rest of the Oils 4 Life family...

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