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O4aroma Range
Skincare Products
Organic Skincare

If you love the O4aroma skincare products as much as we do, then why not retail them yourself!


We offer clients the opportunity to purchase the O4aroma skincare products in low MOQs, at wholesale prices for onward retail within their shops, salons, spa's or ecommerce platforms.

The O4aroma skincare range consists of skincare products (creams and aloe gels), lip balms, organic beard oils, Aromatherapy massage oils, pulse roller balls, essential oil synergies, and a range of products for mother and baby.

If you are interested in learning more about retailing the O4aroma range, complete the Enquiry Form opposite and we will be happy to provide further information.

For more information on the O4aroma skincare products take a look at the O4aroma range here.


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Creams & Gels 

Each of the Skincare Products within the O4aroma Range have been carefully formulated to provide a different therapeutic benefits, whether it be:

# Skin Plumping (Collagen Cream)

# Anti-aging (Frankincense & Rose Cream)

# Eczema / Psoriasis (Chamomile Cream)

# Anti-bacterial (Tea Tree Cream)

# Cleansing (Peppermint Cream).

# Babies Dry Skin (Soothing Cream)

# Babies Sores (Barrier Cream)

# Babies Rashes (Baby Balm)

# Hydrating & Reviving (Eye Gel)

# Aches & Pains (Muscle & Joint Gel)

All our creams are Paraben Free.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Aromatherapy Massage Oils are at the heart of the O4aroma Range. We have been formulating massage oils from natural bases oils and high quality essential oils for more than 20 years now... its what we do best.

We have a large selection of Aromatherapy Massage Oils to choose from, including: 

# Muscular Aches & Pains (Warming Massage Oil)

# Skin Tightening (Toning Massage Oil)

# Pre/Post Sports (Sports Massage Oil)

# Oils for Lovers (Sensual Massage Oil)

# Mindfulness (Tranquility Massage Oil)

# Stress Relief (Relaxing Massage Oil)

# Mind & Body Oils (Balancing Massage Oil)

# Stimulating (Refreshing Massage Oil)

# Clearing and Toxin Removal (Detox Massage Oil)

# Oils for Action (Energy Massage Oil) 

# PMT (Premenstrual Massage Oil)

# Women's Oil (Menopause Massage Oil)

# Mum-to-be (Pregnancy Massage Oil)

# Birthing Oil (Labour Massage Oil)

# Post Natal (Uplifting Massage Oil)

# Mum & Baby (Baby Massage Oil)


All Aromatherapy Massage Oils are natural and contain no synthetic products. 

Essential Oil Synergies

Our O4aroma range includes a selection of pre-blended Essential Oil Synergies for use in the bath, or for inhalation. Our range of Essential Oil Synergies include:

# Muscular Aches & Pains (Warming Synergy)

# Coughs & Colds (Antiviral Synergy)

# Seasonal Pollen (Anti Pollen Synergy)

# Oils for Lovers (Sensual Synergy)

# Mindfulness (Tranquility Synergy)

# Stress Relief (Relaxing Synergy)

# Mind & Body Oils (Balancing Synergy)

# Stimulating (Refreshing Synergy)

# Clearing and Toxin Removal (Detox Synergy)

# Oils for Action (Energy Synergy) 

# PMT (Premenstrual Synergy)

# Women's Oil (Menopause Synergy)

# Anxiousness (Calm Synergy)


All Aromatherapy Massage Oils are natural and contain no synthetic ingredients. 

Organic Beard Oils

Our O4aroma range of Beard Oils has been formulated from organic base oils and essential oils. We have something for everyone here... musky, woody, fresh, spicy and grounding. 


Our range of Organic Beard Oils include:

# Mountaineer Beard Oil (powerful woody oils)

# Eastern Spice Beard Oil (firery, spicy oils)

# Rock Star Beard Oil (hippy and manly)

# Fresh Face Beard Oil (citrusy & cleansing)

# Triple 'G' Beard Oil (warm & harmonising)


Each oil is supplied in a stylish black bottle, with a matching pipette dropper.  


All our Organic Beard Oils are natural and contain no synthetic ingredients. 

Roller Balls

Our O4aroma range of Aromatherapy Roller Balls provide a range of therapeutic benefits for relaxation, stress relief, travel and sleep, as well as three everyday favourites. Our range of Roller Balls include:

# Relax (lavender, frankincense & grapefruit)

# Comfort (frankincense, amirs, patchouli & yang)

# Energy (

# Focus (lemon, lavender & basil)

# Inhale (peppermint, eucalyptus & chamomile)

# Journey (ginger, peppermint, lemon & coriander)

# Head Ease (frankincense, peppermint & lavender)

# Sleep (lavender, amyris & marjoram)

# Uplift (rosemary, peppermint & lemon)

# Lavender

# Citronella

# Tea Tree


The base of the formulation is fractionated coconut and apricot.

Join the O4aroma
Family of Stockists.

If you are interested in stocking the O4aroma Range of skincare products, complete the Enquiry Form above to kick things off.

We will send you further information on our skincre products and our wholesale pricing and Recommended Retail Prices (RRP).

All skincare products will be freshly prepared to ensure the longest shelf life possible for you.

Together we can achieve great things...

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