Pink Himalayan Rock Salt FINE - Food Grade Natural Organic

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt FINE - Food Grade Natural Organic

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Himalayan Sea Salts can be used to create bath salt blends or as a base for a body scrub. Oils4life Himalayan Sea Salts are food grade, natural and organic therefore can be used in food preparation. 

Some of the reported benefits that you may find by consuming this salt in place of regular table salt:

  • Aids in vascular health, Supports healthy lungs and respiratory function

  • Promotes a stable pH balance within the cells, Reduces the signs of aging

  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns

  • Encouraging healthy libido

  • Prevents muscle cramps

  • Increases hydration

  • Strengthen bones

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Improves circulation

  • Promoting kidney and gallbladder health

  • Detoxifies the body of heavy metals.

Because of the pristine conditions that Himalayan salt has been kept in, it is said to be the purest salt available today.

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