High Gloss Black Diffuser with Black Reeds & Selected Fragrance

Product no.: REED010

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Fragrance Option 1 = Peony 

Fragrance Option 2 = Cuban Tobacco & Oak

Fragrance Option 3 = Orchid Noir

Fragrance Option 4 = Black Fig & Vetivert

Fragrance Option 5 = Fresh Linen


All diffusers come with a silver cap and silver label. An internal plug is fitted to allow safe transport of the diffuser/oil.

Gift set outer packaging will be chosen by our professionals to compliment your choice of diffuser and reeds.

Top 10 tips for getting the most from your Reed Diffuser:

  1. Reed diffusers are the hottest trend right now in home fragrancing. Rattan reeds are inserted into a glass bottle , or glass jar or ceramic pot of scented diffuser oil. 

  2. Unlike candles, reed diffusers are flame free and do not require any heat. They disperse scent into the air naturally. No flame means no soot and more importantly, no risk of fire ! This makes reed diffusers safer for your home, office, classroom, etc. 

  3. Once reeds have been used for a certain scent, you cannot use them for another scent. The scent that is already absorbed into your reeds will mix with the new scent and could produce undesirable scent combinations. 

  4. You should use new reeds when you switch to a new scent, if the reeds become completely saturated, or if they become clogged with dust. After prolonged use and complete saturation of the reeds, the channels can become slightly clogged. Simply replace with new reeds to get the scent rolling again ! 

  5. Fill your glass bottle 3/4 of the way full. Your product will be supplied with 100ml diffuser oil.

  6. Do not mix with water - oil and water do not mix! You'll end up with warped reeds and uneven wicking. Our reed diffuser oils are specially blended for easy wicking. There is no need to mix them or dilute them with anything..

  7. Whenever you notice the scent fading a bit or want an extra burst of fragrance flip the reeds - about once per week as a general rule.

  8. Replace the reeds after they permanently stop diffusing. Over time, reeds can become clogged with dust. Before replacing, flip them. This usually starts the scenting process all over again. If this doesn't work, your reeds are probably clogged with dust or overly saturated and in need of replacement. 

  9. Positioning your reed diffuser near a source of airflow, such as a vent or a window, will help the fragrance spread faster throughout the room. The downside is that this will also decrease the life span of your reed diffuser as oil dissipates at a faster rate. Try placing your reed diffuser away from air conditioning or vents first and see if the scent is sufficient for your own personal tastes.

  10. Add Oils4life to your 'favourites' so you know where we are when you need to reorder! 

My reed diffuser is too strong. Is there anything I can do? 

If you find that the fragrance emitted by your reed diffuser is too strong, simply remove some of the reeds. The less reeds you have in the bottle the slower the oil will dissipate throughout the room and the less potent it will be. As the formula is designed for optimal wicking action, we do not recommend adding anything to the oil itself.

Precaution During use:

  • Do not ingest oils.

  • Use caution when filling your bottles with oil or flipping your reeds as oils can damage some surfaces.

  • Do not light reeds.

  • Be careful not to tip over the diffuser.

  • Use caution when utilizing diffusers around small children and/or pets.

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