Buchu essential oil - Barosma Betulina Leaf Oil

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Buchu essential oil (Barosma Betulina Leaf Oil) is known by the common name round leaf buchu. It has historically been used as a flavoring agent and an herbal remedy.

Buchu essential oil and extract of the leaves are used as flavouring for teas, candy, and a liquor known as buchu brandy in South Africa. The extract is said to taste like blackcurrant. Buchu essential oil has a minty, camphorous and sweet berry aroma. It is a clear, colourless or slightly yellow, mobile liquid. It has a fresh Top Note.

Buchu essential oil originates from the South Africa and is extracted by steam distillation of the fresh flowering tops of the shrubs.

Buchu essential oil is a member of the Rutaceae family. and blends well with cedarwood, frankincense, ginger, jasmine lavender, lemon, neroli, orange, palmarosa, patchouli, rosewood, sandalwood and ylang-ylang.

Buchu essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy.

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