Aroma Stream & Pad - electric vapouriser

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The Aroma Stream offers a clean, safe and effective method for dispensing aromas without using a hot ring or naked flame. A stream of air simply vapourises the essential oil keeping its fragrance pure. This avoids heating the oil which may burn it, altering its fragrance and changing its properties. Because the Aroma Stream doesn't use heat, it is also safe to leave running unattended, or whilst you are sleeping. This can be particularly useful with conventional cough and cold vapour remedies and for use in a child's bedroom.

The Aroma Stream is also suitable as a fragrancer at work or in the office. Using natural oil avoids artificial chemicals, and it is kinder to you and your environment.

The cable length is approximately 156cm (5ft)

Instructions for use

# Ensure the unit is disconnected from the mains supply before fitting the diffuser cartridge.

# Remove cartridge from bag.

# Gripping the cartridge by the main ribs on its underside, insert into base by aligning tabs and turning clockwise until cartridge locks into position.

# Place the unit on a surface that does not obstruct airflow into the base.

# To operate, connect the mains supply and switch on.

Useful Hints

With most essential oils only a single drop is required on one segment of the vapourising cartridge. To change oils simply run the Aroma Stream until the fragrance of the existing oil has passed, then apply another oil to the cartridge. Alternatively a separate cartridge may be used for each oil. To save any oil on the cartridge simply store in a self-sealing bag. Oils may be mixed to your own taste by either putting more than one oil on the cartridge at any time, or blending oils before they are applied.

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