Magnetic Radiator Vapouriser

Magnetic Radiator Vapouriser

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The magnetic radiator vapouriser is another alternative for an oil burner and can be used with essential oils, fragrance oils of other fragranced products. The magnetic radiator vapouriser is approximately 6cm in diameter. The magnetic radiator vapouriser is white in colour and therefore will blend in with most radiators. It has a magnetic back so will stick anywhere on the radiator and can be discretely hidden. Instructions for use: Place a small amount of Aromatherapy pure essential oil, fragrance oil, floral water or simmering granules (or other fragrance) into the well of the magnetic radiator vapouriser and as the radiator heats up the heat will vapourise the product into the atmosphere. A very small amount of water can be added to the oil to help the vapourisation process.

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