1000ml Elixir CBD Oil - 7000mg [7% Strength]

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Elixir Oil is our unique cocktail of legal cannabis strains, which are chosen for their diverse cannabinoid content. 

By combining different types of cannabis grown in different climates we have sought to maximise the possibilities of the cannabis plant. This effect is called the "entourage" effect.

The concept of the entourage effect was conceived by Raphael Mechoulam, the man who first discovered THC and CBD. He suggested that cannabis compounds such as CBD work better when taken together. In other words, a proper cannabis extract should be more effective than CBD taken on its own.

We loved this idea so much that we developed a product based on it. Over the course of three years we’ve been mixing countless cannabis oils in an effort to perfect The Entourage Effect.

That’s the goal of our Elixir Oil: to perfect the entourage effect and to produce the Ultimate Cannabis Cocktail.


There are only two ingredients in Elixir Oil:

  • Cannabis Extract
  • Olive Oil

Keep it simple, keep it natural: that’s our philosophy.

And we would hate to ruin the natural goodness of our product with weird chemical flavourings and unnecessary ingredients.


Each bottle of Elixir Oil contains a full array of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDA and CBG. It also contains a large number of terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds in cannabis that cause the famous cannabis aroma: they’re basically cannabis essential oil.


Ingredients: Cannabis Extract, Olive Oil

Suggested Usage: 1 spray under the tongue daily, ideally with food.

Contains trace amounts of THC.

Our cannabis is grown on farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals.

Elixir Oil is Vegan and Lactose Friendly.

Please Note: This oil can not be vaporized. It is intended for oral use only.

Elixir Oil is a food supplement

Strength (%)

So, just how many milligrams (mg) of CBD are contained within 1000ml CO2 Extracted Dutch or Elixir Oil

Well, that depends on the strength that you require.

The following table details the CBD content (in mg) in 1000ml CO2 Extracted Dutch or Elixir Oil

The following table details the expected dose per servin


Stength (%)


Dutch Oil


Dutch Oil


Dutch Oil


Elixir Oil


Elixir Oil


Elixir Oil









500ml 375mg 750mg 1250mg 2000mg 3500mg 5000mg
250ml 187.50mg 375mg 625mg 1000mg 1750mg 2500mg
100ml 75mg 150mg 250mg 400mg 700mg 1000mg
50ml 37.5mg 75mg 125mg 200mg 350mg 500mg
20ml 15mg 30mg 62mg 80mg 140mg 200mg
10ml 7.5mg 250mg 31mg 40mg 70mg 100mg
1ml 0.75mg 25mg 15.5mg 20mg 35mg 50mg
0.1ml 0.075mg 12.5mg 7.75mg 10mg 17.5mg 25mg

Calculating the content of your bottle

Calculating the 'mg' in your bottle is a process of mathematics.

If you buy 1kg of 1.0% strength Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil (containing 10,000mg CBD) and decant this into 100 x 10ml (or 10g for simplicity) bottles then each 10ml bottle will contain 100mg

10,000mg / 100 = 100mg @ 1.0% strength


What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol (can·na·bid·i·ol) – it’s a cannabinoid, a natural extract of the hemp plant that is legal and non-intoxicating (no psychoactive or addictive effects).

CBD is sourced from the hemp plant. As it’s oil soluble, it is often mixed with hemp, coconut or olive oil to enhance its absorption. This CBD plus oil mixture is known as CBD oil. CBD is extracted from non-marijuana strains of the cannabis plant. The marijuana plant and the hemp plant are both from the ‘cannabis’ family, but the latter does not contain sufficient amounts of an ingredient known as THC. THC is the ingredient in cannabis that has ‘psychoactive’ effects and it’s particularly prevalent in the marijuana cannabis plant. Hemp cannabis, on the other hand, does not contain enough THC to cause these ‘psychoactive’ effects. Hemp is industrially produced, specifically to allow us to benefit from CBD without the effects of THC. Just be clear… ‘psychoactive’ effects are what many would describe as a drug ‘high’. 

CBD is in the limelight after extensive scientific research in America on its potential health benefits. Despite the assumption that it stems from cannabis and the resultant connotations of this, CBD oil does not make you ‘high’ and is a naturally sourced ingredient that is set to take centre stage as a nutritional supplement. 


What are the benefits of using CBD Hemp Oil?


Benefits of Organic CBD Hemp Oil I Manufactured in UK by Oils4life Limited

Customer experiences using CBD Hemp Oil

I really didn't think it would work

I stopped my antidepressant and started Raw Hemp Oil the next morning. I'm on my second bottle and am absolutely amazed how much better I'm feeling. Ive taken antidepressant medicationsa for 20+ years. Stopped, did not come off slowly, just stopped. Have never felt better in many years."

15 years of right leg sciatic pain decreased 80% 

I have had MS for more than 40 years, and chronic back pain that developed into 15 years of sciatica thatnks to all the lifting I did as an RN. I did everything to deal with this pain short of nerve abiation with no results. CBD WORKS!!! Not crazy about the taste no matter what flavour it would be but the pain reduction over shadows this minor point.

This beats 60mg of oxycodone daily that may or may not work. It not only reduced my pain but my quality of sleep has improved. So very please that I'm getting my life back."

It's working 

I am actually using 300mg hemp oil. I can feel fast relief from my depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. It is a Godsend. My quality of life is better."

Miracle drug

I purchased this for my retired military son who had 3 tours in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. Needless to say he has PTSD something terrible; between the not sleeping and the jumping out of his skin at any little sound; I was starting to fear more for his life back at home than when he was deployed, so many of his comrades have committed suicide. I saw a documentary about this and purchased it; he is now sleeping regularly and doesn't seem to startle as easily and is starting to act like his old self. We will forever be grateful for this and our household won't be without it ever. Thank you for giving me my son back.

Lung Cancer Treatment

"Recently purchased a supply of CBD Oil for my sister who is fighting lung cancer. Within a few days of use, she now has her energy level back up and a very positive attitude. She believes in this product!"

Wonderful Product

"I am 67 years old and suffer from a number of conditions, one of which is arthritis in my shoulder, and due to another condition I cannot take medication that contains an anti-inflammatory agent. Because of this it is extremely painful for me to lay on my side and must keep my arm propped up during the night causing me to get little sleep. Since I started using this product I am now sleeping pain free and all the way through the night. My doctor said it was safe for me to use this product and it would not interfere with my monthly infusions nor any other medication that I am taking. I can only say thank you and I highly recommend this product as I have no side effects and I am finally pain free."


Note: The above reviews are taken from review sites for CBD Oils and do not directly relate to Oils4life Limited products. As we receive customer feedback we will update this section.

Ways to make CBD Hemp Oil part of your Supplement Regime




IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that CBD products are permitted to be imported into their selected shipping destination.

Oils4life Limited accepts no liability for loss of goods impounded or destroyed by customs at the shipping destination.


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