Juniper & Pine Aromatherapy Candle (40hr) - Clean & Fresh

Juniper & Pine Aromatherapy Candle (40hr) - Clean & Fresh

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Juniper and Pine Aromatherapy Candle is presented in an attractive recycled glass pot and is made from 100% (ivory coloured) natural plant wax with 100% pure juniper and pine essential oil. Juniper essential oil has a has a sweet, fresh and woody-balsamic aroma which compliments the fresh, bracing and antibacterial properties of pine essential oil, having a positive and strengthening affect on both the mind and body. Juniper and pine Aromatherapy Candle contains no petroleum based paraffin wax or animal products.

Remember to Recycle: Reuse the glass pot for tea-lights or trinkets. To recycle the ost, place in your normal clear glass recycle bin.