250ml Brushed Aluminium Screwcan, EPE Lined (Closure not included)

Product no.: BOT021

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The brushed aluminium screwcan is very universal and suitable for storing oils, aqueous products, creams, gels and lotions.

It is an attractive container which can also be used for cosmetics and toiletries. 

The Aluminium scewcan is lined with an Epoxy Phenolic (EP) resin which seperates the oil from direct contact with the metal itself. 

The Aluminium screwcan is totally recyclable and reusable. 

The Aluminium screwcan is the best way for storing essential oils, being impervious to light and provides the oils the necessary protection from temporary temperature fluctuations as well as excellent damage protection, lightness and a striking presentation.

Container dimensions:

# Height (to container shoulder) =

# Height (to container neck) =

# Width =

# Bottle circumference =

# Neck size =

Suitable closures and inserts for this container:

The following closures and inserts are suitable for use with this product.

# 24mm aluminium closure - CLO014

# 24mm white lotion pump dispenser - CLO013 

A closure is not supplied with this product

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