10ml Amber Kingston Glass Bottle

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A closure is not supplied with this product

The Glass Bottle is the therapist first choice. Our Amber Glass Bottles are of the highest quality and are ideal for pure essential oils or for blending your essential oils with carrier oils to make massage oils, bath treatments or other skincare products.

Our customers use the amber dropper bottles with pipettes for oral application. They are an excellent alternative to the 'official' Bach Flower Remedy Mixing Bottles, enabling you to have different sizes and create bespoke blends for your products.

The 10ml amber glass bottle is suitable for storing essential oils, absolutes, dilutions, fragrance oils, base oils, massage oil blends, floral waters and other volatile and non-volatile products.


The Amber Glass Bottle is designed for essential oil use and therefore should present no problems when used in an aromatherapy environment. The bottle is also used with alcohol based products without problem. If you have any doubts about your products suitability, we always advise purchasing a single unit and testing before committing to the purchase of packs.

Common Usage

Current clients use Amber Glass Bottles for:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Apothecary
  • Oral Solutions
  • Refills
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Bath Oils
  • Oil Serums

The Bottle Neck & Compatible Closures

The bottle closure is a standard GL18 fitting .

The following closures and inserts are suitable for use with this product.

# 18mm white tamper evident closure - CLO016

# 18mm black tamper evident closure - CLO017

# 18mm white type 3 tamper evident closure - CLO015

# 18mm Aluminium Cap - CLO021

# 18mm Atomiser Closure - CLO022

# 18mm Black Tamper Evident Pipette - CLO021

# 18mm Black Atomiser Spray Closure - CLO22

A closure is not supplied with this product

Bottle dimensions:

# Height (to bottle shoulder) = 38mm

# Height (to bottle neck) = 42mm # Width = 24mm

# Bottle circumference = 86mm

# Neck size = 18mm

Pure Amber Glass

The Amber bottles are created with Amber Glass when they are manufactured, they are not sprayed or filmed after, this offers excellent durability and no problems with any blends causing discoloration of the Amber. The bottles can be washed out and reused. The bottles are very hard wearing and take general knock and drops well.

Purchase Options

Our dropper bottles can be purchased singularly or in trays of 187 units.

*Bulk pack sizes are discounted methods of purchasing our bottles and jars. All bottles and jars should be cleansed and steralised before use. Should a breakage occur, the affected broken jars / bottles will be replaced, other non damaged items will not be replaced.

A closure is not supplied with this product

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