The Pregnancy Book - Jennie Supper

The Pregnancy Book - Jennie Supper

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Jennie Supper is a State Registered Nurse with a wealth of practical experience from her 25 years as a community midwife. As a qualified aromatherapist she has put the therapy to use with her pregnant patients and during their labour. The book covers suitable essential oils and methods of use. Many common conditions such as insomnia, oedema, varicose veins, cracked nipples and stretch marks are discussed along with recommended aromatherapy recipes. Labour pain, exhaustion, breast engorgement and infected perineum, as well as post natal depression, are among the long list of typical ailments Jennie finds aromatherapy suitable for. Key features covered in the book are: # How to use Aromatherapy during pregnancy # Common associated conditions covered # Most suitable essential oils listed # Actual case studies discussed # Practical safe uses and warnings given

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