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Our Body Scrub is wonderfully hydrating and contains high end ingredients such as aloe barbensis and extracts of wild thyme, common sea lavender, bladder wrack and common algae. Body Scrub is suitable for direct application on the skin or can be used as a base for adding essential oils to create your very own range of scrubs.

Our Body Scrub is parabens free and SLS/SLES free.

Ingredients:AquaAloe barbadensis Leaf JuicePrunus amygdalus dulcis Shell PowderGlycerinHamamelis virginiana WaterPhenoxyethanolCarbomerCaprylyl GlycolAlcoholSodium HydroxideTetrasodium EDTACitric AcidPVPPotassium SorbateSodium BenzoatePhenylpropanolThymus Serpillum ExtractLaminaria sp ExtractFucus Vesiculosus ExtractLimonium vulgare Stem ExtractChondrus crispus ExtractCI 19140, CI 42090, CI 16185

Our Body Scrub Base is ready to use, however, small amounts of water and oil soluble additives can be used.


Suggested %

Recommended Max %

Floral water / aqueous extracts



Vegetable / Seed Oils



Essential Oils / Fragrances



If adding an oil this product will go cloudy. Also stir very gently because if any air is introduced the product cannot be removed.

* Dependent on the actual IFRA.

^ Higher levels may be used but testing would definitely be required.

Stability/ compatibility test the finished product in the actual finished product packaging before placing on the market. Also challenge testing must be performed to ensure the preservatives level is adequate

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