At Oils4life, we strive to source products as far up the supply chain as possible, cutting out the middlemen along the way. This way we can bring the products to market at great prices.

One Community

Whether you are a therapist, a professional, a hobbyist, a retailer or simply a member of the general public with a passion for aromatics - we treat all customers equally.

As Aristotle said....

"The whole is greater than the sum of all the parts"


Although today, Oils4life is shipping orders worth £1000s all over the globe, in the very early days we were excited to receive a £5.00 order!

We recognise that everyone has to start somewhere....we want to help our customers and their businesses grow - just like ours has :-)

Our business thrives because of the diverse range of customers we have - we thank you all for your continued support and repeat business.

One Price

Our prices are the same for all.

We stand by our original objective to make high quality aromatic products and cosmetic bases extremely affordable. While we are at it we intend to provide a broad range of custom oil essential oil blends, Aromatherapy massage oils, candles, soaps and skincare products.

Bulk wholesale purchasers benefit from Next Day Delivery (assuming all products are in stock of course!) for UK Mainland. 

At Oils4life, we pride ourselves on providing an efficient and friendly service, no matter the size of your order - so, if you are looking to buy wholesale essential oils, Aromatherapy oils and skincare products at great prices, then you’ve come to the right place.