Unlabelled Essential Oils

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Looking to buy unlabelled 10ml essential oils ready for rebranding then here is your opportunity. 

Supplied in outer packs of 5 x 10ml amber glass bottles with white tamper evident caps and a clear dropper insert. The price quoted is per pack of 5 bottles. Simply add as many packs of 5 bottles you require.

These essential oils are supplied without a label attached to the individual bottle. Only the outer pack is labelled enabling you to easily re-brand / private label the oils.

Please also note that a discount is not offered for unlabelled bottles.


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Product no.: UNPEO110-10

Amyris essential oil has a warm, soft, woody/musty aroma and has a euphoric, uplifting effect on the mind.

£12.00 / pack(s)
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In stock

Product no.: UNPEO054-10
£143.00 / pack(s)

In stock

Product no.: UNPEO067-10
£7.20 / pack(s)

In stock

Product no.: UNPEO053-10

Bay laurel oil has a powerful, spicy-medicinal odor, just like the Bay leaves used in cooking. Bay laurel oil has uplifting and grounding properties and is said to clear mental confusion and clarify thought processes.

£8.15 / pack(s)

In stock

Product no.: UNPEO006-10

Benzoin has soothing, warming and comforting properties. A gently relaxing oil found to be particularly effective for irritated skin and for massaging tired muscles. It has also been found to optimise effective respiration.

£6.50 / pack(s)

In stock

Product no.: UNPEO002-10
£18.00 / bottle(s)

In stock