Quality Assured

Quality Assured, Essential Oil Quality, Essential Oil Testing

Quality Assured, Essential Oil Quality, Essential Oil Testing


At Oils4life we take the quality of essential oils very seriously as we acknowledge that essential oils that have been tampered with or otherwise artificially enhanced will simply not deliver the health benefits that you desire. In aromatherapy, only the very purest, highest quality, pure essential oils will do - there is no room for second best.

Our oils are selected and sourced by strict compliance with well established quality standards.

In order to ensure our pure essential oils are of the finest quality, we have established close working relationships with suppliers, producers and growers confirming the conditions the plants are grown in are acceptable. 

Our quality control procedures include:

# Gaining assurances on the processes used for quality control from suppliers, growers and producers

# Gaining assurances that the correct botanical name has been used in growing

# Periodic checks using GC/MS testing methodology to confirm product purity

# Checking the odour of the oil has the correct characteristics

# Checking the oil visually for proper distillation

Using inferior essential oils will, at best simply not deliver the health benefits that you expect and at worst, could cause serious skin irritation / reaction as a result of an adverse reaction to the synthetic chemicals that have been used to adulterate.

Buying cheap ALWAYS mean poor quality doesn't it?

Absolutely with any industry and/or profession there are bound to be one or two dubious suppliers trading out there, but PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED by suppliers 'generalising' that you have to pay more for quality.....this is utter rubbish....and usually comes from those companies that are selling at higher prices - concidence hey! I think not!

Oils4life, like a number of other new-era suppliers are bucking the trend and bringing down the price of essential oils to the consumer....we have no desire to rob our customers blind and instead we sell at low prices to build long-term relationships with our customers.



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