Packaging solutions, glass amber bottles, aluminium containers, plastic bottles, closures and inserts.


Glass Bottles

A range of amber glass bottles suitable for essential oils, absolutes, fragrances oils and other volatile products.

Plastic Bottles

A range of PET plastic storage bottles, HDPE containers and tubs for a range of products.

Aluminium Bottles

A range of EPE Lined Aluminium Screwcan Containers and EPE Lined Flasks suitable for essential oils, absolutes, blends and other volatile oils.

Closures & Inserts

A range of inserts and closures compatible with our range of glass bottles, plastic bottles and aluminium containers.

Personal Inhalers

A range of coloured and white nasal inhalers, ideal for creating your own inhalation blends.

Reed Diffusers

Try our selection of high quality reed diffuser bottles, natural and black reeds and closures.