Memberships & Standards

Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC)

One of the first things we did after incorporating Oils4life in January of 2003 was to become members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC). 

Our ATC Membership Number is 089. Below is a copy of our licence from the ATC which you will see on some of our Aromatherapy products.


2019_Membership_Certificate_800x600             ATC_Logo_No_089


Our membership can be verified on the ATC membership list here

The Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) is the trade association for the specialist aromatherapy essential oil trade, and represents manufacturers and suppliers of aromatherapy products as well as the interest of consumers in the United Kingdom.

The aim of the ATC is to ensure its members are marketing safe, good quality products in a responsible manner, as well as supplying accurate information to consumers.

As an independent and self-regulating organization, the ATC has established guidelines for safety, labelling and packaging to which all members must conform.

Learn more about the ATC [open]

The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapist (IFPA)

IFPA is a registered charity in the UK. It is the largest aromatherapy specific professional practitioner organisation in the UK, involved in supporting aromatherapists and improving standards of education and practice in aromatherapy. IFPA is growing internationally by encouraging and supporting aromatherapy training in many other countries.


IFPA believe wholeheartedly in the principles and philosophies of holistic health, and the promotion of well-being for the individual. These principles and beliefs are the foundations of the IFPA’s aims and objectives for its members together with its strong code of ethics and practice.

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Oils4life is currently working towards gaining certification to ISO standards. This will be a journey that will occupy us for the next couple of years, but demonstrates our commitment to supplying high quality aromatic products.

Our Technical Department manages all technical documentation such as specifications, INCI ingredient listing, quality standards and testing and cosmetic product safety testing.

  • Specifications are available for all absolutes, essential oils, base oils and cosmetic products.
  • INCI ingredient listings are available for all cosmetic products.
  • Gas Chromotography (GC-MS) is available for all absolutes and essential oils.
  • Certificates of Analysis (CoA) are available for all absolutes and essential oils.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for all absolutes, essential oils, base oils and cosmetic products.
  • IFRA Certificates are available for all absolutes and essential oils.
  • Product Safety Testing has been undertaken for all finished products on our range.
  • Allergen Declarations are available for all absolutes and essential oils.

To access this information visit our Resource Centre.

​If you have any specific requests then please let us know and we will do our very best to assist you.

Organic Standards

Oils4life offers a range of organically certified products. Such products are clearly identified on our website and include essential oils, base oils and cosmetic bases. Our organic products are certified to International COSMOS Cosmetic Standards and European Food Standards (EC No. 834:2007 & 889:2008).

Further information can be found here.