Perfume Carriers

A range of familiar carriers suitable for essential oils, fragrance oils and reed diffusers.

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Denatured alcohol

Product no.: ABP061-70022

Denatured alcohol is used as a carrier for perfumes. Oils4life denatured alcohol is classified as a trade specific denatured alcohol (TSDA).

Delivery weight: 6,375 g

Dipropylene glycol (DPG)

Product no.: ABP060-31034

Dipropylene Glycol (perhaps better known as DPG) is fragrance grade and is commonly used as a carrier for fragrances, perfumes and colognes.

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Delivery weight: 1,375 g

Vegetable Glycerine - Glycerin

Product no.: ABP067-70067

Vegetable glycerine is a versatile ingredient used in many cosmetics. It will be a vital ingredient in your handmade face creams. Vegetable glycerine is food grade.

Prices start from £4.20 / bottle(s)
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Delivery weight: 375 g

COSMOS Certified Glycerin - 100% Natural

Product no.: ABP068-90520

Our COSMOS Certified Glycerin is a syrupy liquid which is colourless and odourless. Produced from Karanja seeds

***Vegan Friendly***

Delivery weight: 75 g