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Natural Vitamin E - d-mixed Tocopherols Concentrate 70L

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Oils4life Vitamin E (d-Mixed Tocopherol Concentrate 70L) is natural product containing a mixture of alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols (at a minimum of 70% in sunflower oil - it is not the cheaper synthetic version.

Vitamin E is used in cosmetics for the following reasons: 

  • to apply to lips to stop dry skin and to give a fuller shape 

  • for treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth 

  • for overall face massage to reduce premature photoageing 

  • to give a softer, smoother feel 

  • to massage onto scar tissue to reduce keratisation 

  • for pregnant mothers to reduce stretch marks 

 Whilst Vitamin E is technically not a preservative, much like parabens/preservatives in commercial cosmetics, Vitamin E can be used to “preserve” oil-based skincare products. 

Vitamin E prevents oxidation of oils and is often referred to as an antioxidant. Since oils are fats, and since fats start to oxidize when exposed to air, even these simple skincare recipes need to be “preserved” somehow, or they will go rancid over time.

In order to “preserve” oils, you need to prevent the natural oxidation process. Oxidation is a chemical reaction which produces free radicals, which in turn create a chain reaction that damages the oils. Antioxidants (like Vitamin E) are great at preserving the life of oils as they terminate these reactions and therefore prevent oxidation. Whilst oxidation may not be an issue for a quickly used product like a face mask, with products that tend to take a few months to use like homemade natural Deodorant, Vitamin E shouldn’t be skipped.

Vitamin E cannot be used for products containing water - for this you will require other preservatives (like parabens) to prevent microbial growth through antimicrobial effects.

There are two types of Vitamin E. There’s the type you can put on your skin for added benefits (like reducing fine lines), and there’s the type you can add to skincare product to increase its shelf-life and stability. 

The Science of tocopherols:

Alpha-tocopherols may be great for your skin, however, its beta, delta and gamma tocopherols that work well as antioxidants.

How to use:

Oils4life Vitamin E (d-Mixed Tocopherol Concentrate 70L) originates from China.

How to use:

Vitamin E is typically added at dilutions of 0.2% to 0.5% however actual dilutions depend on individual product specifications.

INCI Reference:

INCI name: Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil


Colour: Red-brown

Appearance: Clear viscous liquid

Odour: Mild

Acidity (ml/g)\: ≤ 1.0

Optical Rotation @ 20°C (Degrees): ≥ + 20.0

D- Tocopherol in total Tocopheryls  (%): > 80.00

a-Toccopherol (%): 6.0 – 14.0

Beta and gamma Toccopherol (%): 40.0 – 45.0

Delta Toccopherol (%): 14.0 – 25.0

Total Tocopherols: 70

Heavy Metals (As Pb) (ppm): < 10

Lead   (ppm): < 3.0

Total Plate Count (cfu/g): < 1000

Yeasts and Moulds (cfu/g): < 100

E .Coli: Negative  

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