Oils4life offers a range of ingredients to inspire you to create your very own cosmetic blends, massage oils, candles, fragrances,  bath salts and spa products. Choose from our range of perfume carriers, preservatives, colourings, emulsifiers, botanicals and salts


Perfume Carriers

A range of familiar carriers suitable for essential oils, fragrance oils and reed diffusers.


A range of non-organc and organic blended Tocopherols, suitable for use in cosmetic blends to help extend product shelf-life.


A range of colourings that can be added to soaps, bath salts, candles and creams to create your desired products.


A range of citrus peels, flowers, seeds powders, gums and buds, ideal for use in pot pourri, soaps or bath salts.


A range of himalayan and dead sea salts, epsom salt and additives ideal for making your very own bath and spa products.


Two solubilisers ideal for mixing essential oils and absolutes and vegetable oils with aqueous bases.