Bay Laurel essential oil

Bay Laurel essential oil information

Bay Laurel essential oil information


General Information

Common Name: Bay, laurel

Scientific Name: Laurus nobilis

Family: Lauraceae

Origin: Mediterranean region,

Synonyms: Bay, laurel, bay sweet, true bay and Mediterranean bay 

Essential Oil Properties and Characteristics

Bay laurel essential oil is a pale-yellow to very pale-olive-green or almost colourless liquid of a fresh, strong but sweet, camphoraceous and spicy odour.

Origin and History

Bay laurel is an evergreen tree, up to 20m high; however, it is usually pruned to below 3m. The bark on mature trees is greyish and on younger stems it is smooth and shiny, often with a reddish tint.

It is believed to have originated in Asia Minor, but is now considered a native to the Mediterranean region. There are several botanical species known under the name bay. These include Pimenta racemosa, commonly known as West Indian bay, and Umbellularia california, commonly known as Californian bay. It is commonly planted in gardens as a hedge and in tubs to produce fresh leaves for culinary purposes.

Laurus nobilis was sacred to the god Apollo in classical Greece. According to legend, when Daphne, the nymph daughter of the earth goddess Gaia, was pursued by Apollo, slayer of her bridegroom, she entreated the gods for assistance, who changed her into a laurel tree. Apollo then crowned himself with a circle of laurel leaves, and declared the tree sacred to his divinity.

Bay laurel has long been used in herbal medicine.

Method of Extraction

Bay laurel essential oil is extracted by steam-distillation of the leaves and branchlets.

Precautions During Use (Contraindications)

Bay laurel essential oil is generally regarded as safe. Frequent use of bay laurel oil on the skin over a longer period of time (approximately 3 weeks) can result in sensitisation and irritations.

Therapeutic properties

Bay laurel essential oil is excellent for use on the hair as a stimulant and a tonic. It is also good for everyday aches and pains. It is known to be a natural antiseptic.

Bay laurel essential oil blends well with the clove budlimelavenderlemongeraniumrosemarymandarinorangenutmegginger and ylang ylang

Source: Battaglia, S. The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, Second Edition, The International Centre of Holistic Aromatherapy, 2003, ISBN 0-6464-2896-9.

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Bay laurel oil has a powerful, spicy-medicinal odor, just like the Bay leaves used in cooking. Bay laurel oil has uplifting and grounding properties and is said to clear mental confusion and clarify thought processes.

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