A range of electric and traditional vapourisers for use with essential oils, fragrances and floral waters.

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Aroma Stream & Pad - electric vapouriser

Product no.: OIL010

The Aroma Stream offers a clean, safe and effective method for dispensing aromas without using a hot ring or naked flame.

£23.50 / unit(s)
Delivery weight: 999 g

Aroma Stream - replacement pad

Product no.: OIL011

This is a replacement pad for the Aroma Stream electric vapouriser.

£2.25 / unit(s)
In stock
Delivery weight: 150 g

Magnetic Radiator Vapouriser

Product no.: OIL007

The magnetic radiator vapouriser is another alternative for an oil burner and can be used with essential oils, fragrance oils of other fragranced products.

Delivery weight: 199 g