Masks, Scrubs & Clays

A range of mask, scrub and clay bases suitable for direct application on the skin or can be used to create your very own cosmetic products.

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Apricot Facial Scrub Base

Product no.: SCR035-220453A

Apricot Facial Scrub contains olive fruit oil and stones, soya bean and apricot fragrance. Use daily to maintain fresh skin.

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Bentonite Clay Powder BP

Product no.: CLA001-70212

Bentonite Clay is made from mixing the powder with water to a required consistency and applying to the skin. 

100% Pure & Natural

Prices start from £4.50 / unit(s)
RRP £5.40
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Kaolin Light Clay Powder BP

Product no.: CLA002-60214

Kaolin is a type of clay found in nature. It has many uses and health benefits

Appearance: Very fine hemogenous powder

Colour: White to off white/grey

Shelf Life: 60 months


Prices start from £3.60 / unit(s)
RRP £5.04
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Pumice Stone Powder

Product no.: FLO004-60187

Pumice stone powder is one of a number of dry botanicals we offer. Create your own scrubs and exfoliating bases

Prices start from £4.20 / unit(s)
RRP £6.00
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Body Scrub Parabens Free

Product no.: ABP069-23087

Our Body Scrub is wonderfully hydrating and contains high end ingredients such as aloe barbensis and extracts of wild thyme, common sea lavender, bladder wrack and common algae.

Delivery weight: 150 g

iBase Face Mask Base

Product no.: 220603

***Vegan Friendly***

Our face mask is a neutral mask and can be used directly on the skin. Add essential oils or other products to the clay mask to create your very own blend.

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