Oils4life stocks a wide range of student kits, essential oil storage boxes, measuring beakers, utensils, couch rolls.


Storage Boxes

A range of wooden and plastic essential oil storage boxes and carry cases to suit a number of needs.

Student Kits

A range of ready prepared kits suitable for a range of national and international courses. 

Customer Kits

Looking for something bespoke. We have created kits for a range of customers and colleges. Contact Us for if you would like your kit added online for your students to download.

Therapist Supplies

A few everyday supplies to keep your business moving.

Measuring Equipment

A range of borosylicate glass measuring beakers, syringes and pipettes perfectly suited for formulating your very own products.

Mixing Utensils

A range of utensils ideal for use when blending and creating your own products.

Aromatherapy Books

A range of useful books to help build your knowledge of essential oils and Aromatherapy.

Bath & Spa Tools

A range of everyday spa tools to complete your range.