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Oils4life offers a range of Essential Oils, Organic Oils, Carrier Oils, Absolutes, Extracts, Hydrolats & Essential Oil Blends Oils4life offers a wide range of Conventional, Natural and Organically Certified Creams, Butters, Lotions, Bath & Shower, Aloe Gels, Masks & Scrubs and Melt & Pour Soaps Oils4life offers a range of Fragrance Oils, Reed Diffuser Oils, Oil Burners, Vapourisers, Candles and Melts to stimulate the senses.

Oils4life offers a range of Cosmetic Ingredients including Perfume Carriers, Preservatives, Colourings, Emulsifiers, Botanicals and Salts to help you create quality products. Oils4life offers a wide range of Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Aluminium Bottles, Closures & Inserts. Oils4life offers a wide range of blended skincare products, organic skincare products, blended massage oils and aloe gels to nourish the skin.


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"Only just started using this company love the website very informative, I find the products better than I've had from anywhere else. They are pure and smell devine. Products come very well packed. Will definately be using them again and would recommend them."

"Very comprehensive choice, good service and excellent products"

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Dead Sea Salt COARSE - Maris Sal

Product no.: SAL001

Prices start from £4.79 / unit(s)
In stock
Delivery weight: 690 g

Dead Sea Salt FINE - Maris Sal

Product no.: SAL002

Prices start from £4.79 / unit(s)
In stock
Delivery weight: 690 g

Epsom Salt - Magnesium sulphate

Product no.: SAL003

Prices start from £3.00 / unit(s)
In stock
Delivery weight: 690 g

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt FINE - Food Grade Natural Organic

Product no.: SAL004

Prices start from £4.79 / unit(s)
In stock
Delivery weight: 690 g