Environmental Policy

Oils4life is committed to playing its role to reduce its impact on the globe. We have a set out a simple Environmental Policy which reflects the scale and complexity of our business.

Oils4life Limited

Environmental Policy Statement

Our Goals are simply stated:

In everything we do we will seek to minimise our impact on the environment

The Directors of Oils4life will encourage staff to come forward with ideas of how we can reduce our impact on the environment

Staff are encouraged to come forward with ideas on how our environmental impact can be reduced

We will play our part in reducing our impact on the environment by:

  • Using energy efficient lighting where possible
  • Ensuring lights are switched off when not in use
  • Turning off or isolating equipment (such as bottling machines, computers, printers) when not in use
  • Better insulate our buildings so as to reduce the need for synthetic heating
  • Improve air flow so as to reduce the need for cooling fans
  • Only printing what we must to process orders
  • Reduce the frequency of our waste collections by reusing supplier packaging more
  • Only using recycled boxes and biodegradeable protective fillers in our parcels.
  • Recycle pallets through local businesses or by creating things!
  • Seek ways to reduce our impact through the supply chain - becoming smarter at ordering / restocking
  • Becoming a paper-free organisation - using technology more!

We will encourage our customers to play their part in reducing their impact on the environment by:

Providing tips and information to our customers on how to recycle oils and packaging



Rachael & Dale (Farrow)

On behalf of Oils4life Limited

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