Absolutes & Precious Oils


Oils4life offers a range of the most common absolutes and precious oils to enhance your collection. Choose from our selection below.
Calendula Absolute I Carnation Absolute I Everlasting / Immortal Absolute I Jasmine Absolute I Lavender Absolute I Neroli Absolute I Oakmoss Absolute I Rose Absolute I Tuberose Absolute I Vanilla Absolute I Violet Leaf Absolute.
Absolutes are usually extracted using solvents, with the solvent removed to leave the pure absolute. Absolutes are supplied in 2ml to 100ml amber glass bottles with a tamper evident closure and dropper insert. Absolutes are more viscous than essential oils therefore they will not sometimes pass through the dropper insert, therefore customers will need to remove the insert and either pour directly or use a measuring pipette to extract the oil. Absolutes may also need warming to make them mobile enough to pour.
Absolutes are fantastic oils to add to your blends. We would recommend that customers ensure they are confident to handle absolutes so as to avoid dissapointment. 
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