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Oils4life offers a range of Essential Oils, Organic Oils, Carrier Oils, Absolutes, Extracts, Hydrolats & Essential Oil Blends Oils4life offers a wide range of Conventional, Natural and Organically Certified Creams, Butters, Lotions, Bath & Shower, Aloe Gels, Masks & Scrubs and Melt & Pour Soaps Oils4life offers a range of Fragrance Oils, Reed Diffuser Oils, Oil Burners, Vapourisers, Candles and Melts to stimulate the senses.

Oils4life offers a range of Cosmetic Ingredients including Perfume Carriers, Preservatives, Colourings, Emulsifiers, Botanicals and Salts to help you create quality products. Oils4life offers a wide range of Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Aluminium Bottles, Closures & Inserts. Oils4life offers a wide range of blended skincare products, organic skincare products, blended massage oils and aloe gels to nourish the skin.


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