1250ml Aluminium Flask (with white closure)

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Aluminium Bottles are highly stylish bottles suitable for cosmetics, solvents, floral waters and essential oils.

If you prefer to store Essential Oils, the Aluminium Bottles are the best way due to impervious to light and provides the oils with the necessary protection from temporary temperature fluctuations as well as excellent damage protection, lightness and a striking presentation.

These aluminium bottles come with a plug pull out ring and white colour screw caps. Aluminium Bottles are available in two sizes 625ml and 1250ml

The Aluminium storage container is suitable for storing base oils, massage oil blends, floral waters and other non-volatile products. This product is suitable for storage of pure essential oils. This container is UN approved and suitable for exporting essential oils and other solvents.

Container dimensions: 

# Height (to container shoulder) = 

# Height (to container neck) = 

# Width = 

# Container circumference = 

# Neck size = 

A white closure and insert plug is supplied with this product

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