Bentonite Clay Powder BP

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Bentonite Clay Powder BP

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Bentonite Clay is best utilised in the form of a face mask which can be made from mixing the powder with water to a required consistency and applying to the skin. Essential oils can be added to create an aromatic clay with additional therapeutic benefits.

Bentonite Clay can be used to make body and face masks and is naturally mineral rich and absorbent. Be careful not to get the paste or the essential oils in the eyes. 

Health Benefits:
Bentonite Clay is a mined material that has many varied uses in a multitude of different industries from beauty products to reversing soil degradation in developing countries.
Bentonite Clay is used in the beauty industry for it's unique ability to draw impurities from the skin.

Quality and Manufacture:
Stringent checks have been made to ensure that this clay is completely 100% pure with no foreign bodies found within.
Be careful not to get the paste in the eyes. 
Do not ingest the clay

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